Steelers fans surprised Steely McBeam still mascot


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With the thousands of fans flocking to Latrobe to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers begin their season, they get a unexpected surprise.

Steely McBeam is still the mascot of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Many fans were weary about interacting with McBeam, believing that McBeam was an overzealous fan excited for training camp.

Eventually fans remember that the Pittsburgh Steelers still have their beloved mascot after rummaging through the discount bin in the memorabilia tent and finding the Steely McBeam Pillow Pet.

The story of Steely McBeam begins a decade ago, the Steelers announce they are bringing on a mascot and took fan suggestions for his name.

Eventually they took the most popular choice, Bill Cowher, threw that out and named the new mascot Steely McBeam.

McBeam, whose design was not inspired at all by the former Steelers coach, instantly made a deep bond with the fanbase.

A deep enough bond that one of the first search suggestions when someone enters Steely McBeam on Google is "is Steely McBeam still around?"

Simon A. Chester, a writer for the USA Today Steelers Wire ranked McBeam 23rd of 28 teams currently with mascots in the NFL.

Since the arrival of Steely McBeam at the beginning of the Mike Tomlin era, the Steelers have won and lost a Super Bowl.

Pierogi Press contacted the Pittsburgh Steelers to get a statement about their commitment to the mascot.

At press time, the Steelers organization did not get back to the Pierogi Press, stating they were also unsure if Steely McBeam was the official mascot of the team.




Olympos Gyros food challenge now will be completed at gunpoint


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After an incident where a challenger to the gyro food challenge cheated and skipped out on his meal, Olympos Gyros announced that future contestants will attempt the challenge at gunpoint.

The Mount Olympos Challenge, a forty dollar food challenge where contestants have one hour to eat five pounds of gyro and fries.

The challenge features three pounds of gyro meat alone.

In a report from KDKA, Olympos Gyros employee John King said, “When he went to the bathroom, he was purging it up, so that he could come back out and continue to eat,”

King added proof of the purging was clear in the bathroom after the unidentified person skipped out on the meal.

KDKA declined to identify the cheater, but did show his name and phone number on their report.

In a statement by Olympos Gyros said, “It is unfortunate that it has reached this point, but it is necessary to make sure people do not ruin the sanctity of the Mount Olympos Challenge. Adding the factor of being at gunpoint might add a motivational factor to all challengers.”

Losers, including this unidentified subject, are added to a Wall of Shame.

Only three people have completed the challenge in their seven years of operation.

Randy “Atlas” Santel, a famous touring competitive eater with over 500 recorded victories, successfully tackled the challenge in 20 minutes and 46 seconds, a new record, almost two years ago.

He completed the challenge with Dr. Ramsey “The Mantis” Hilton on the same video.

Olympos Gyros said they will not press charges, although they requested to force feed the completely unknown suspect until he bursts.

Pittsburgh Pirates not ready to disappoint fans with MLB Trade Deadline


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After a upswing after the All-Star break, the Pittsburgh Pirates are denying they are prepared to descend back to mediocrity starting with the MLB Trade Deadline.

In past trade deadlines, the Pirates have acquired players that end up leaving in free agency.

Rumors have swirled since last winter of various trades, including former National League Most Valuable Player, Andrew McCutchen.

Nothing has come to fruition yet.

McCutchen’s contract expires at the end of the season if the team does not pick up an optional year of his contract. The Pirates organization is on record saying they want him to stay, providing he will agree to be paid in season passes for him and his family as long as he is on the team.

Currently the Pirates are five and one half games behind the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs and only three games under .500.

Many analysts believe that the Pirates are an addition or two away from running away from moving into the driver’s seat in the division race.

Many fans will anxiously wait news of trades Monday, but Pirates fans will voice their displeasure when news breaks that the organization traded minor leaguers.

Or Tim Tebow.


Luke Ravenstahl to appear at Steel City Con this month


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Former Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl was announced as one of the celebrity headliners for the August Steel City Con.

Ravenstahl appeared as the kicker for the Rapid City Monuments against the Gotham Rogues before the field collapsed, in the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

The event takes place at the Monroeville Convention Center from August 11th through the 13th.

This will be Ravenstahl’s first public appearance since he left office in 2014. Since then, he has maintained a private life.

It will also be his first appearance signing as his character in The Dark Knight Rises.

Not much is known about Ravenstahl since he left office. It is unknown what jobs he has held in the meantime.

Ravenstahl was unable to comment on his future acting plans but did mention he is actively seeking roles in Pittsburgh movies.

He also denies any interest in politics and stated he will never run for for office again.

Signed photos will cost $75 and include an inscription. For $100, Ravenstahl will include a selfie with the signed photo.

He will also hold a question and answer session on Friday, August 11th from 11am to 11:45am.





Pittsburgh to host Open Sidewalks event Sunday


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For the first time since their inception in 2014, Open Streets Pittsburgh is holding an event for city drivers.

The first of what Open Streets Pittsburgh hopes to be an annual event, Open Sidewalks Pittsburgh will take place this Sunday from 8am to 1:30pm.

The route, named the Doughboy to Downtown, will run from Market Square, hook onto Penn Avenue, and eventually make its way up Butler Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Cars are welcome on the whole route, while larger vehicles such as trucks are advised to stay on the wider sidewalks of Downtown and the Strip District.

Vehicles such as buses, tractor trailers, or Hummers are not permitted on the sidewalks.

This event is the first of its kind in the world.

On a normal Sunday, a driver caught trying to drive their vehicle on a sidewalk would be reprimanded by the authorities.

Various activities will be held at various points of the course, including car yoga, car maintenance, and much more.

In case of emergencies, tow trucks will be available.

In a statement, Open Streets Pittsburgh said, "we understand that the drivers of Pittsburgh might have felt left out of our previous events, so it was our chance to show appreciation to them, too."

The group expects 10,000 drivers to hit the sidewalks this Sunday.

Businesses along the route are expecting plenty of customers from the increase in traffic.

If all goes well, Open Streets Pittsburgh will hope to hold more events next year.

Ideas such as "Bike the Busways" and "Cars Cruising the Riverfront Trails" are in the planning stages for 2018.



James Harrison pushes car to Steelers Training Camp


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Lost in the shuffle in all the flashy arrivals, Steelers Linebacker James Harrison pushed a 1996 Dodge Neon to their training camp in Latrobe, Pa.

The 38-year-old All-Pro wanted to do something totally original and something never to be topped.

Many passersby were shocked to see one of the NFL’s oldest players take such a difficult trip to training camp.

Harrison took a difficult route to get to training camp, foregoing the easy Route 30. He pushed the car through Monroeville, got on Route 22 East, and made a right to South Route 981 before arriving.

Traffic was not affected; Harrison was able to maintain speeds, except through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel.

“If I can move a car, it translates well to moving 300 pound offensive lineman out of my way,” remarked Harrison on how it will help him during a game.

Back in 2009, Harrison made waves by driving a smart car to the Steelers annual camp.

Harrison considered pushing a smart car, but at 1,800 pounds he did not consider that a challenge.

A 1996 Dodge Neon weighs 2,300 pounds.

Harrison’s car had extra weight; it was fully packed for the three week training camp.

When asked if he would do differently, Harrison mentioned trying a bigger vehicle, such as a fire truck.

Harrison said he would hold a Instagram contest to give away the car to a lucky fan.

At press time, it was unclear if Harrison would personally push the car to the winner.

Bill Peduto takes down biggest reelection hurdle, declares Pittsburgh water safe


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During a press conference Wednesday night, Mayor Bill Peduto declared that Pittsburgh water is safe and drank a glass of water handed to him.

The glass of water, the biggest threat to reelection to Peduto, was presumably poured straight from the tap away from the press conference.

“I’m not only doing this to show that the water is safe, but since I have no challengers in the upcoming election, this is the biggest threat I’ll face in the next year,” remarked Peduto.

Last election, Peduto won the office of Mayor with 84 percent of the vote. As of now, there is no candidate planning to run against the mayor.

Pittsburgh last elected a Republican mayor in 1930.

The boil advisory was first reported Tuesday, but tests reported problems from at least Sunday.

It affected neighborhoods east of downtown Pittsburgh between the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers.

Inspiring! Antonio Brown gives his entire playbook to Boston boy


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Antonio Brown had a rough week.

After the Pittsburgh Steelers victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Brown went on Facebook Live and broadcasted Coach Mike Tomlin calling the New England Patriots “assholes”.

Brown is rumored to have a six-figure deal with Facebook to go live and give fans a glimpse in such things as the locker room.

Several Steelers players voiced their disappointment in Brown’s decision making. Coach Tomlin fined Brown $10,000.

He decided to do more!

William Belichick, young fan from Boston wrote a letter to Brown asking to see the entire Steelers playbook.

Belichick said he was a lifelong Steelers fan and that he is made fun of every day in school. He would love to meet the team but his parents are Patriots fans and would not allow it.

Brown got a copy of the entire playbook and mailed it to his young fan before the matchup against New England.

Pittsburgh Public Schools to rename school for President Trump


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Pittsburgh Mifflin Pre K-8, located in the Lincoln Place section of the city, will become Pittsburgh Trump at the conclusion of the 2016-17 school year.

The school board approved this measure unanimously along with renovations to bring the building up to the standards of the Trump brand.

It will be the second institution of learning to have the name, the first being Trump University.

This is nothing new for the Pittsburgh Public School district.

In 2009, the school district renamed the Florence Reizenstein Middle School for then President Barack Obama. Since 2012, Pittsburgh Obama moved to the former Peabody High School building.

The decision came after a group of disenfranchised students, parents, and teachers complained that it is only fair since Obama got a school named for him.

A press release the district read, “We want all students to feel included. We feel that Pittsburgh Mifflin would be the perfect place to display the Trump name.”

The district did extend an invitation to President Trump, who at press time has not responded.

According to, Lincoln Place is over 95 percent Caucasian, while zero percent African-American.

The Pittsburgh Public School website says the district is composed of 53 percent of African-American students.

“Any student, or teachers uncomfortable with this change will be allowed to transfer to another school of their choosing,” stated the press release.

This decision is expected to cause controversy within the school district.

Wholey’s selling Dolphin meat before Steelers playoff match against Miami


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While Primanti Brothers chose to support the Black and Gold by not selling fish sandwiches, Wholey’s went the other direction.

They got approval to import one hundred pounds of dolphin meat in advance of the Wild Card matchup against between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphin meat is currently illegal in the United States.

It is banned due to dolphins being endangered animals and high levels of mercury that are unsafe for human consumption in mass quantities.

Wholey’s petitioned the federal government as soon as the announcement that the Steelers were playing the Dolphins.

The meat will be procured from markets in Japan.

In a press release announcing the special, Wholey’s said, “We do things differently here. We eat our enemies; no sea creature is sacred or safe!”

The advertised price is $17.99 per pound with it going on sale at 12pm Saturday.

Lines are expected to be around the block for this delicacy.

Buyers can ask a on site chef on how to prepare the dolphin, which can be served in a wide variety of dishes such as grilling or in a sushi roll.

When asked what to expect with the taste of dolphin, Wholey’s said, “It will take like victory.”