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Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

Running back Le’Veon Bell #26 contemplates retiring to work at Dairy Queen

Steelers used the franchise tag on Le’Veon Bell again. He will get 14.544 million dollars next season. Le’Veon is disappointed to hear the news as this only means he will be paid more than any other running back in the NFL.

Le’Veon was spotted crying outside of his recording studio as he took a break from working on his mixtape in light of the news. He later took to twitter to express his disappointment.

2 Le'veon Bell complaining

Bell tweets he’s unwanted by the Steelers after they clear cap space to offer him more money

Le’Veon Bell later threatened to sit out the first few games of the season and possibly the entire year depending on how he feels at the time. We aren’t even making that up for some satire, he actually said that.

Fans gave their thoughts about this very sensitive situation. “It’s not like there is anyone else on the team.” said Todd Larz. To fans like Todd Larz, they say they understand the nuances of the situation. “There is an unlimited amount of money the Steelers organization can pay him! It isn’t like they’d have to pay anyone else less to free up cap space. That isn’t how it works! Steelers could pay Le’Veon Bell 1 trillion dollars a game if they wanted to and that would be lowballing his value!” yelled Todd Larz.

Other fans also said it was disrespectful how the Steelers were treating Bell. “This is what disrespect looks like,” says Steeler fan Ray Jarvis. “All the kid wants is 1 billion dollars a second at minimum, I don’t know why they don’t give it to him.” To Ray Jarvis, he works 2 jobs to support his family of 3. His son has brain cancer. His insurance doesn’t pay for all of cost of treatment so Ray Jarvis has to make sure he makes enough per month or his son dies. “See I’m well off. I don’t have to complain about money. It could be a lot worse for us. I understand that I’m well off and I hate to see millionaire athletes not get paid those couple extra millions. They’re struggling and they need that money. That’s a lot to them. But for me a million dollars? Heh I make that every 20 years, that’s hardly any money. There’s plenty of other people like me that get off easy with working their entire lives to not even see a fraction of 14 million. Le’Veon Bell ends up with the difficult task of playing football and gets that in a year. He’s working harder than anyone else on the planet and he deserves time to vent about not getting paid as much as we would make in 5 lifetimes in a year.”

We did come across one fan that had a different perspective. Rashan Null said “We need to address our defense. It simply isn’t feasible to pay Bell what he’s asking for a long term deal when we need to make sure we fix our defense. Listen I love Bell but he needs to understand compromise. I think 14.544 million dollars is an excellent offer. Win some championships and he can make more than the millions he wants back through potential sponsors. He’d even be able to make bank off of being a superbowl champion after he retires. He’d be able to get paid for mere appearances at Steeler events for the rest of his life. But none of that is going to happen if he decides not to play.”  After these statements Rashan Null was later chased down by a group of one-hundred Bell fanboys and suffered injuries that sent him to the hospital. He is in critical condition.

It remains to be seen if Le’Veon Bell will sit out on the upcoming season. All is certain however that he will waste time in the studio rapping those struggle bars.