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2 Hot white girl at DuquesneDuquesne University is a close-knit college that anchors itself on school spirit. Blue and red, the school’s official colors, run deep in student attire. So it was understandable that the student community was devastated after seeing a white girl in a Pitt shirt.

“Whoa she’s a white girl in a Pitt Shirt!” Carl shouted. “I legitimately could not believe my eyes. This is something so disrespectful that you’d think it was fiction. The shirt is beige yellow and blue! I don’t know if I’m more offended or surprised!”

Many Duquesne students like Carl see their school spirit non-negotiable, leaving no room to wear any other clothing associated with another university. Doing so is seen not only as offensive, but also a clear attack against the student population. There is also the added complexity that the perpetrator of this act is a white girl, adding in a multitude of controversies. Kaitlin McGee claims that a white girl wearing a Pitt shirt in this space is problematic. “There are very few white girls at Duquesne University. Like I might see a white girl on campus once every 2 weeks. So it hurts when you see one with such self-hatred against Duquesne Students. She’s been conditioned by the Pittriarchy to hate herself and wear that Pitt shirt.” Kaitlin McGee, when asked if she’s okay with sharing a campus with a white girl who wears Pitt shirts said this, “I don’t have to be comfortable with it. If you are wearing a Pitt shirt you need to be called out on the fact that you are enabling crappy college sports teams, busted down desks, and professors that look like Doc from Back to the Future.”


2 White girl on campus with pitt shirt

Unverified photo shows Duquesne students (left) in disgust as a white girl (right) wears Pitt shirt on campus.

Not every student feels like McGee however. We asked sophomore Khalil Johnson if it was a big deal to him. “Breh what are you talking about I see everybody in Pitt shirts. We be rooting for Pitt. Don’t know what you are talking about. And breh Duquesne is snowflake heaven. What you mean there’s no white girls? But who cares baby girl could wear whatever she want if she’s fine as that…” When asked why Khalil did not care about the blatant disrespect carried about by this specific student he remarked that there were other factors he considered important to the matter. “It’s not that big of a deal for me. Some of our Duquesne gear isn’t that great. Like they only got like 2xl size up here what a 6’9″ dude like me look like trying that on? I mean in this case baby girl wasn’t tall but still she got something. If she was out here in a Pitt shirt but them titties were still nice? Then on nephs I don’t care.”


2 Khalil nigga for satire

Khalil (right) in an obviously photoshopped ad for Duquesne University

Though there are many opinions on this dire situation what remains clear is this; The Duquesne Student body is united in these trying times.