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2 Leveon and sza

Le’Veon Bell isn’t new to the rap and R&B world. Le’Veon bell has spent countless hours writing verses for his mixtapes and soundcloud releases. Countless soundcloud rappers have pretended that Bell’s music is good in hopes that the runningback/rapper will collaborate with them. Sometimes that even pays off, as Bell is willing to rap with anyone that pays him outrageous amounts of money to record a verse on their song. So it should come to no surprise that Bell would have a crush on SZA a rising figure of the modern Rap/R&B scene. Bell earlier this week has asked SZA to be his valentine by romantically telling a TMZ reporter that he liked ‘Caesar’. Bell with the thoughtful mispronunciation of her stage name, truly displayed his adoration for the singer in a touching plea. What did come as a surprise was how SZA responded to Bell’s advances. 

“Listen, if you aren’t a Steeler anymore I’m not dating you.” SZA said. Top Dawg Entertainment artist SZA has seen a newfound success this year. Her album Ctrl was critically acclaimed, and garnered the R&B singer widespread recognition. With this newfound fame comes adoration from people who can’t even pronounce your stage name correctly. “Le’Veon bell pronounced my name like ‘Caesar’ from Planet of the Apes. I truly did find that mispronunciation romantic. But it really doesn’t impress me that much. But as a huge Steeler fan what he can do to impress me is to put in greater work ethic for the Steelers next season!” SZA.

SZA has been a die-hard Steeler fan ever since 2009. As such she’s had criticism for Bell’s recent endeavors “Bell, I notice you fooling around not showing up to training camp, and your preseason hold out. Then you come back playing all rusty and taking a long time to get in your groove midway through the season. And with you trying to act like you’ll leave Pittsburgh if you aren’t paid 200 trillion dollars a second? Boy sit down. You better put in 100% next year and play. You want to impress me? Don’t threaten to leave us. I’ll only date you if you’re still a Steeler!” SZA said.


2 Sza Steeler fan

SZA reveals she is a Steeler fan that refuses to date Le’Veon Bell if he plays for another team

This relationship between SZA and Bell has many people talking on whether it is even feasible. However we found it would be interesting to see what members of TDE thought.

2 Kendrick Lamar laughing

Kendrick Lamar (center) still laughing at Le’Veon Bell asking SZA to be his Valentine at a performance  

We asked Kendrick Lamar, Top Dawg Entertainment’s most popular figure, if Le’Veon Bell had a chance to date SZA.  “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (He inhales) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” said Kendrick Lamar. Later that day Lamar was still laughing during a performance thinking about the potential of a Le’Veon Bell SZA coupling. 


So for this Valentine’s day it looks like Bell is going to have to promise to be a Steeler for his entire career if he wants SZA to be his valentine.