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2 Dr. Hamlet studio nog

Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamlet has had a controversial start ever since he was sworn-in for a 5 year term with the Pittsburgh Public Schools district. There was controversy that he had lied on his resume. There was controversy concerning how snow delays were handled during the school year. There has even been controversy due to speculation that he may be a Lil Pump fan. Now a new firestorm is brewing. On the Pittsburgh Public Schools official website Dr. Hamlet released a diss track to teachers that work for the district.

“I was just in shock to how graphic the lyrics were.” remarked 36 year old teacher Tracy Ralph. “I’ve been in this District for 12 years and I’ve never had a superintendent call me those insults before!” To many teachers like Tracy Ralph this diss track comes at a bad time, as faculty of Pittsburgh Public Schools discuss the possibility that they will strike against the district. Some see this as a tipping point concerning these tensions, the final straw.

2 Hamlet nigga

Dr. Hamlet in the “Had to do it to em!” pose taunting teachers of the district



“It’s all good I’m not gonna strike!” Said David Smith. He wasn’t convinced, so we played him the diss track Dr. Hamlet posted on the Pittsburgh Public Schools website. “Wait what?” Smith was in shock. After playing the entire track he had to say this,
“So where can I get my picket sign?”





2 Anthony Hamlet mixtape cover art

Possible leaked cover art for Dr. Hamlet’s mixtape

It is unknown if Dr. Hamlet will give a public apology on the matter. As of now Dr. Hamlet intends to release a mixtape by the end of the school year. He says revenue from his mixtape will fund the district.