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In a surprise move, Primanti Brothers is launching a giant Primanti’s sandwich off the Red Bull Flugtag deck during the Three Rivers Regatta this weekend.

The iconic sandwich stacked with fries and coleslaw will take flight Saturday afternoon in the Allegheny River.

“It’s a one hundred percent real sandwich scaled to 6 feet high,” according to a statement by Primanti Brothers.

This is the first time the event is in Pittsburgh.

The event started in 2002 and takes place in different locations around the world.

Contestants build a human powered craft within Red Bull regulations and see how far it will travel after leaving the flight deck.

The current record of 258 feet was set back an event at Long Beach, California in 2013.

Primanti Brothers has not revealed how they plan to keep the sandwich together in flight.

Such challengers include a Sheetz Mozzarella Stick, a parking chair, and Bill Peduto.

“I wanted to be in a challenging competition this year, since this election is easier than finding free tickets to a Pirates game,” said Mayor Peduto.

The sandwich in flight will be the famous #2 best seller Pitts-Burgher sandwich, Primanti’s weighed several options and felt that the steak sandwich would give them the most distance.