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University of Pittsburgh scientists announced that they have discovered a view of the city of Pittsburgh not previously photographed.

“There are thousands of photos snapped of the city each day, it was painstakingly researched to make sure nobody else captured this particular view,” said Ben Ledermon.

Ledermon, the head researcher on the project noted that this discovery is their first discovery in over three years.

“We had several close calls, usually we would find out it had been captured hundreds of times on Instagram,” added Ledermon.

The group was in disbelief in their discovery. They wanted to bring it to the public as soon as possible but decided to err on the side of caution. They cited other views quickly becoming tourist attractions much to the dismay of neighbors.

“I already have 5 photos ready to throw up on Facebook, personally. To know this and not being able to tell my loved ones is a heavy burden to bear,’ said Rachel Miller.

When pressed for details, the group confirmed that this new view is located in the western reaches of the City of Pittsburgh.

The group is undecided when they will release the location for the masses, but they do have a rollout plan.

“Well let that Dave DiCello get the first shot of the new view. He takes some nice pictures of the city,” concluded Miller.