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With the thousands of fans flocking to Latrobe to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers begin their season, they get a unexpected surprise.

Steely McBeam is still the mascot of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Many fans were weary about interacting with McBeam, believing that McBeam was an overzealous fan excited for training camp.

Eventually fans remember that the Pittsburgh Steelers still have their beloved mascot after rummaging through the discount bin in the memorabilia tent and finding the Steely McBeam Pillow Pet.

The story of Steely McBeam begins a decade ago, the Steelers announce they are bringing on a mascot and took fan suggestions for his name.

Eventually they took the most popular choice, Bill Cowher, threw that out and named the new mascot Steely McBeam.

McBeam, whose design was not inspired at all by the former Steelers coach, instantly made a deep bond with the fanbase.

A deep enough bond that one of the first search suggestions when someone enters Steely McBeam on Google is "is Steely McBeam still around?"

Simon A. Chester, a writer for the USA Today Steelers Wire ranked McBeam 23rd of 28 teams currently with mascots in the NFL.

Since the arrival of Steely McBeam at the beginning of the Mike Tomlin era, the Steelers have won and lost a Super Bowl.

Pierogi Press contacted the Pittsburgh Steelers to get a statement about their commitment to the mascot.

At press time, the Steelers organization did not get back to the Pierogi Press, stating they were also unsure if Steely McBeam was the official mascot of the team.