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After an incident where a challenger to the gyro food challenge cheated and skipped out on his meal, Olympos Gyros announced that future contestants will attempt the challenge at gunpoint.

The Mount Olympos Challenge, a forty dollar food challenge where contestants have one hour to eat five pounds of gyro and fries.

The challenge features three pounds of gyro meat alone.

In a report from KDKA, Olympos Gyros employee John King said, “When he went to the bathroom, he was purging it up, so that he could come back out and continue to eat,”

King added proof of the purging was clear in the bathroom after the unidentified person skipped out on the meal.

KDKA declined to identify the cheater, but did show his name and phone number on their report.

In a statement by Olympos Gyros said, “It is unfortunate that it has reached this point, but it is necessary to make sure people do not ruin the sanctity of the Mount Olympos Challenge. Adding the factor of being at gunpoint might add a motivational factor to all challengers.”

Losers, including this unidentified subject, are added to a Wall of Shame.

Only three people have completed the challenge in their seven years of operation.

Randy “Atlas” Santel, a famous touring competitive eater with over 500 recorded victories, successfully tackled the challenge in 20 minutes and 46 seconds, a new record, almost two years ago.

He completed the challenge with Dr. Ramsey “The Mantis” Hilton on the same video.

Olympos Gyros said they will not press charges, although they requested to force feed the completely unknown suspect until he bursts.