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After a upswing after the All-Star break, the Pittsburgh Pirates are denying they are prepared to descend back to mediocrity starting with the MLB Trade Deadline.

In past trade deadlines, the Pirates have acquired players that end up leaving in free agency.

Rumors have swirled since last winter of various trades, including former National League Most Valuable Player, Andrew McCutchen.

Nothing has come to fruition yet.

McCutchen’s contract expires at the end of the season if the team does not pick up an optional year of his contract. The Pirates organization is on record saying they want him to stay, providing he will agree to be paid in season passes for him and his family as long as he is on the team.

Currently the Pirates are five and one half games behind the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs and only three games under .500.

Many analysts believe that the Pirates are an addition or two away from running away from moving into the driver’s seat in the division race.

Many fans will anxiously wait news of trades Monday, but Pirates fans will voice their displeasure when news breaks that the organization traded minor leaguers.

Or Tim Tebow.