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For the first time since their inception in 2014, Open Streets Pittsburgh is holding an event for city drivers.

The first of what Open Streets Pittsburgh hopes to be an annual event, Open Sidewalks Pittsburgh will take place this Sunday from 8am to 1:30pm.

The route, named the Doughboy to Downtown, will run from Market Square, hook onto Penn Avenue, and eventually make its way up Butler Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Cars are welcome on the whole route, while larger vehicles such as trucks are advised to stay on the wider sidewalks of Downtown and the Strip District.

Vehicles such as buses, tractor trailers, or Hummers are not permitted on the sidewalks.

This event is the first of its kind in the world.

On a normal Sunday, a driver caught trying to drive their vehicle on a sidewalk would be reprimanded by the authorities.

Various activities will be held at various points of the course, including car yoga, car maintenance, and much more.

In case of emergencies, tow trucks will be available.

In a statement, Open Streets Pittsburgh said, "we understand that the drivers of Pittsburgh might have felt left out of our previous events, so it was our chance to show appreciation to them, too."

The group expects 10,000 drivers to hit the sidewalks this Sunday.

Businesses along the route are expecting plenty of customers from the increase in traffic.

If all goes well, Open Streets Pittsburgh will hope to hold more events next year.

Ideas such as "Bike the Busways" and "Cars Cruising the Riverfront Trails" are in the planning stages for 2018.