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Lost in the shuffle in all the flashy arrivals, Steelers Linebacker James Harrison pushed a 1996 Dodge Neon to their training camp in Latrobe, Pa.

The 38-year-old All-Pro wanted to do something totally original and something never to be topped.

Many passersby were shocked to see one of the NFL’s oldest players take such a difficult trip to training camp.

Harrison took a difficult route to get to training camp, foregoing the easy Route 30. He pushed the car through Monroeville, got on Route 22 East, and made a right to South Route 981 before arriving.

Traffic was not affected; Harrison was able to maintain speeds, except through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel.

“If I can move a car, it translates well to moving 300 pound offensive lineman out of my way,” remarked Harrison on how it will help him during a game.

Back in 2009, Harrison made waves by driving a smart car to the Steelers annual camp.

Harrison considered pushing a smart car, but at 1,800 pounds he did not consider that a challenge.

A 1996 Dodge Neon weighs 2,300 pounds.

Harrison’s car had extra weight; it was fully packed for the three week training camp.

When asked if he would do differently, Harrison mentioned trying a bigger vehicle, such as a fire truck.

Harrison said he would hold a Instagram contest to give away the car to a lucky fan.

At press time, it was unclear if Harrison would personally push the car to the winner.