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While Primanti Brothers chose to support the Black and Gold by not selling fish sandwiches, Wholey’s went the other direction.

They got approval to import one hundred pounds of dolphin meat in advance of the Wild Card matchup against between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphin meat is currently illegal in the United States.

It is banned due to dolphins being endangered animals and high levels of mercury that are unsafe for human consumption in mass quantities.

Wholey’s petitioned the federal government as soon as the announcement that the Steelers were playing the Dolphins.

The meat will be procured from markets in Japan.

In a press release announcing the special, Wholey’s said, “We do things differently here. We eat our enemies; no sea creature is sacred or safe!”

The advertised price is $17.99 per pound with it going on sale at 12pm Saturday.

Lines are expected to be around the block for this delicacy.

Buyers can ask a on site chef on how to prepare the dolphin, which can be served in a wide variety of dishes such as grilling or in a sushi roll.

When asked what to expect with the taste of dolphin, Wholey’s said, “It will take like victory.”