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An Craigslist ad appeared for the famed, limited edition Arby’s Venison Sandwich on Sunday, the most expensive an Arby’s sandwich on the secondhand market.

Released during Black Friday, the sandwich was reported to be one of the hot items, along with the Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition and Hatchimals.

Arby’s lists the sandwich as a garlic marinated, five and a half ounce thick cut of meat from the rear hind of the deer. It is cooked through sous vide, meaning it is cooked in water and slowly roasted over hours. It is presented with a juniper berry sauce and crispy onions all on a bun.

The ad claims it was purchased on Friday at the Bellview location and has been refrigerated since.

Originally, the sandwich was rumored to be composed of various roadkill animals, but Arby’s was able to fulfill their entire order in deer freshly struck by motor vehicles.

The sandwich sold for five dollars originally and that most locations sold out within a few hours.

Arby’s previously had a Meat Mountain sandwich, which sold for $10.

No other listings for any Arby’s sandwich could be located on the secondhand market.

Pierogi Press reached out to the person selling the sandwich but have yet to hear back from them.