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The Pittsburgh Post- Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review both choose not to endorse a candidate for the 2016 Presidential election.

Both papers are known to stand on their respective sides of the political isle before.

In 2012, the Post Gazette endorsed Barack Obama, while the Trib endorsed Mitt Romney.

Traditionally the Trib is rooted in conservative values while the Post Gazette is rooted in liberal values.

Earlier this year, the Post Gazette was rumored to be considering nominating Republican Donald Trump, but it did not come into fruition.

They called the election a toss up, while endorsing other races.

The Trib on the other hand is ceasing printing in Pittsburgh, after a whirlwind of problems after founder Richard Mellon Scafe passed away in 2014.

They previously endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in 2008.

Both papers have been ravished with newsroom cuts within the past couple of years, including buyouts and layoffs by both papers.


The Pierogi Press Editorial Board takes issue with this weak showing by the big print players in Pittsburgh. We here have decided to endorse independent candidate Vermin Supreme as President and as any opponent to unopposed candidates this election.