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In a recent poll collected by the Pierogi Press Polling Institute, a large majority of Pittsburghers believe that former State Treasurer Robert Budd Dwyer is more honest than most local and national politicians.

Dwyer topped a list of local and national names such as: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Katie McGinty, Pat Toomey, Steely McBeam, Barack Obama, Chris Christie, John Fetterman, Bernie Sanders, Tim Murphy, Tom Murphy, and more.

Dwyer, most known for proclaiming that he was innocent of bribery charges on the 12 o’clock news back on January 22, 1987.

Many expected him to resign during a press conference he called that day; instead he called the maximum sentence of 55 years in jail and a $300,000 fine unfair.

Dwyer proceeded to hand letters out to several staffers in the crowd and then he produced a loaded Smith & Wesson Model 27 .357 Magnum revolver out of a manila envelope.

Many attendees pleaded with Dwyer not to go through with his suicide to no avail.

By committing suicide and not resigning, his family was entitled to his benefits from serving in politics.

Several stations aired the suicide, including WPXI.

The bullet hole still remains in the state treasures office to this day.

Despite this, Pittsburghers commented that his bluntness and his commitment give him more of a sense of humanity that most politicians lack.