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Recreating a Harry Houdini stunt 100 years earlier, Magician Lee Terbosic, in a straight jacket, hung 90 feet above Wood Street in Downtown Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Rick Sebak, Franco Harris, and Rocky Bleier helped Terbosic in to the straight jacket before being lifted by a crane above the crowd.

There was a metaphorical straight jacket that that bound collective of celebrities and onlookers, commercials either for incumbent Republican Pat Toomey and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty.

Thousands of people gathered to watch a feat that could have easily gone wrong, as evidenced by the paramedics at the ready.

They also avoided any commercials for McGinty or Toomey for a bit of time during the last weekend of the political season.

Terbosic was able to escape, but not even he could evade the onslaught of ads for the United States Senate race between Toomey and McGinty.

He waved a Terrible Towel once he escaped.

As soon as Terbosic was lowered back to the ground, he tried to get an update on the Steelers game.

Instead, he was bombarded by consecutive commercials for the candidates.