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To celebrate Halloween, Century III Mall in West Mifflin dressed up as a spooky, fleeting mall.

The transformation took place over the past few years to get it in its current state.

Following the trend of businesses dressing up for Halloween, Century III Mall management thought it would increase traffic to the mall.

“It’s like going to a haunted house, without having to pay to enter,” stated in a press release from the mall.

Once one of the most popular malls during the 1990s, it recently fell on hard times.

Losing Macy’s this past spring really helped further its cause to complete the look. They previously had other anchors such as Macy’s Furniture, Sears, and countless other stores depart since 2009.

Entire areas of parking are also closed off also. The roads around the mall are authentically worn from years of Pittsburgh winters.

Entire sections of the mall being closed help create this aura.

Other area malls such as Parkway Center Mall, Eastland Mall, and more tried this technique before to help revitalize their properties.

Parkway Center, Eastland, and more local malls closed. The Northway Mall remodeled and rebranded.

When asked how long this costume would stay up or if it will change by the season, Century III Mall officials declined to comment.