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Fast food conglomerate Arby’s announced that Pittsburgh will be test market for a new sandwich in November.

The sandwich, compromised of 100% roadkill, will be released in a limited run in November 25th through the 28th.

The three-day “Meat Season” test will determine if the sandwich will be popular to add it to the menu or continue the trial period in other markets.

Pennsylvania is one of six states to receive this honor. All six locations will be in the Pittsburgh region, ranging from Bethel Park to New Castle.

The sandwich is Arby’s initiative to promote hunting, either by sport or by car.

Arby’s was unable to comment further on what the exact mix of meats used in this groundbreaking fast food item

Insiders are predicting that deer, raccoon, and groundhog meat will be three of the most likely choices.

Other choices are expected to be added although it will be dependent on what roadkill is available fresh in the area.

Arby’s did respond to criticism that they would not use human meat or endangered animals in any instance.

“We have the meats, all of them” proclaimed Arby’s.