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During a campaign stop at Taylor Allderdice, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton revealed that she had no strong opinion given the chance of Betos or Fiori’s on Saturday.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee for President, campaigned with her running mate, Tim Kaine, using any opportunity she could to appeal to voters.

An attendee yelled out, “Fiori’s or Beto’s,” when she first walked on stage.

When she got to the podium, Clinton remarked, “Why not both?”

Attendees immediately tweeted out this gaffe, noting their favorite between the two South Hills rivals.

This debate, mirroring the current political climate, got very heated once it gained traction.

Users of the hashtag #teambetos called out Fiori’s for selling out with a second location in Washington County and their traditional style.

Fans using the hashtag #teamfioris ridiculed not cooking the cheese on the pizza, along with their square shaped slices.

Unlike the Presidential election, the debate between Fiori’s and Beto’s will likely never be settled.

The Clinton campaign could not be reached for further comment or clarification.