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During a campaign stop at Ambridge Area Senior High School on Monday, Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced a plan to build a wall around every GetGo that serves food.

The plan targets GetGo’s new breakfast burrito offerings, which touts it as “The All American Breakfast Burrito.”

“It isn’t American, it’s the furthest thing from American, nobody should to eat this, and nobody wants eat this. I know! It’s awful, it’s a disgrace to the country,” remarked Trump.

The burrito, which features bacon, hash browns and ketchup, is surrounded by a wall of American cheese and egg and wrapped up in a tortilla.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Trump announced that GetGo locations that do not have a kitchen will be exempt from this proposed policy.

While the Trump campaign did not announce any talking points for the rally, he was expected to mention last night’s debate.

“We will need a lot of steel for all these walls, there is a lot of GetGo locations, we’ll put a steel mill in Ambridge, it’ll create a lot of jobs,” continued Trump.

Ambridge, a once thriving steel community, faltered during the 1980s when American mills could not compete with foreign mills.

GetGo has locations in Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

“I know they aren’t the kitchens at Trump Towers, but we can make GetGo great again,” concluded Trump.