The Pittsburgh Penguins announced today that superstar Sidney Crosby is out with a concussion, and that Marc-André Fleury is still going into the season as the starting goaltender.

Fleury lost his starting job to injury during before the playoffs last season, rookie Matt Murray helped the Penguins to their fourth Stanley Cup title.

According to many comments on social media, this was not a bad thing, because Fleury was solely at fault for the Penguin’s playoff failures the past few seasons.

Due to a thumb injury to Matt Murray, Fleury will temporarily regain his starting role. Coaches have not announced any plans on who will start when Matt Murray returns.

Murray is reported to be out for the first six weeks of the season.

Concussions have had quite the impact earlier in Crosby’s career; he has only missed nine regular season games in the past three seasons.

It is unknown how long Crosby will be out.

Last year, Fleury led the Penguins to 35 wins and tied a career best with a .921 save percentage.

Despite this, Fleury will likely be the main culprit if the Penguins sputter out of the gates in their quest to defend their Stanley Cup title.